hormonal fog

I do this thing where the week before my moon time I enter into a hormonal fog. I somehow managed to plan 3 events at our house in a row at the same time, as well as a Vegan Cleanse. And I'm still alive. Props! Here's some photos of what I've been up to. Too busy to even take pictures. It's ridiculous. It's also been super grey and cold here (summer?) so picture taking is ugly out. AND I've let my garden languish and fallen behind on my goals. I think right now my only goal is survival, catch up on True Blood, knit my sweaters, make it through this cleanse, and get to derby everything as often as possible.
going swimming
we went swimming at cameron lake this week. we figured if summer wasn't here yet we'd sacrifice ourselves to bring it. (it didn't work).
beeeet lips
god i need to exfoliate.
veggie dogs
breakfast on my cleanse.

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Eden Oliver said...

Bad weather=Julyuary. Boo!