adventure #2: CWRDA Boot Camp 2009 (photos)

this past weekend mish, stew, and i went to red deer for the cwrda derby boot camp 2009. i made friends, hit my derby limit (i could only do one day and even sitting here now my knee is sore..i feel like such a wuss but i'd rather be wimpy than injured.. and the first day was so great/hard that the second day i went home and slept/cried for the afternoon. we drove back teh whole way today. in the snow from red deer to the rockies/jasper, and then in the rain from jasper home to peeg.. not so fun i'd say).

mish, stew, me
in the car on the way

mountains mountains
mountains down the parkway

stewart at the bluest lake ever
most beautiful lake ever.

rated pg
salacious, fay, and ruby from the brain eating betties getting ready to rumble at boot camp

saturday night derby game, belladonnas vs. boot camp rookies (black)

goren and eerie throw the pg down.
goren and ms. eerie of the dolls post-sunday night rookie bout.

hoochie throws down
sunday night co-ed advanced game. it was incredible. so intense, great skating, and fun to watch.

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