really, what would brian mulrooney do? i've spent the night decompressing, rewatching the last episode of gossip girl season two (squeal=chuck + blair i love you scene), tidying (dishes, laundry, etc), and knitting sporadically and nonsensically. i worked until about 7pm too. and bit all my nails off, again. i hate being stressed. but, my main struggle for the evening was knit or thesis. i, badly, chose knit.
forestry in the works
i've been working on my forestry cardigan. and a bit on a pair of socks from the winter/fall knit.1. but have cleared off my desk and gotten some errands out of the way and feel i can plunk down with ye ol' thesis and power out my updates and get 'er submitted (again, 2nd draft) in about 11 days. holy shitters. hold on to your hats with that one. and in that time frame i have 2 birthdays, a tattoo appointment, a visit from my mom, and lots of day-time work to do. HA!
my thesis
i guess the good thing is 1. i have a defensible draft and 2. that white piece of paper are really the only things i have to change about my thesis. and it's only a one-sided list. of course there's edits inside, but those are little grammatical rewording things. regardless, i'm thirsty, stressed out, and overwhelmed. but i'll get there. if i'm gone for a while from blog land just watch the last 2 minutes of gg2.25, or listen to the new gossip single. or something. oh! and i completely forgot. girl of the north country and i have a date. september 3rd-7th in seattle/portland. i'm SO excited. i'm booking the days off tomorrow and she bought her plane ticket. FUCK YES!


Anonymous said...

FUCK YES indeed! Have a wicked time! When you're in Portland, you must go to Stumptown Coffee, the Little Red Bike Cafe, Powell's Books, and the Alphabet District.

Lots of love, and can't wait to see you!

becka said...

You can do it! Ew, I hate being all stressed but I say lots of tea, and probably baking of some sort will help you get there. Good luck!