my current refrain is that time passes and i miss it. i feel like i'm not accomplishing enough and that my laundry will never be caught up. i'm happy to report my life isn't drudgery and that last night i got a little tipsy on beer and today spent the morning preparing food for tonight's sustain-a-table and heading out to errington for breaky at my aunt and uncle's farm. my attempt to take a picture an hour yesterday was an utter FAIL.
rhubarb gin
yesterday i made rhubarb gin. excited to have it with ice and ginger ale. also, put a deposit on a cruiser/street hybrid bike. i think we're going to get on a wait list for a daycare closer to home and then bike to work more regularly and not spend so much $$ on gas :( i guess, though, if daycare is more expensive, then we won't really be saving money in the long run, but i'd be biking, getting more exercise, and reducing my dependence on oil. right?
i've bought some toms like a month back and i love them. my feet don't smell as bad in them (bare sweaty feet = gross) and they're SO comfy. i think they're my new "shoe", you know. still must get fluevogs. like these ones. or these ones. or even these ones.

yesterday seth was going crazy for rhubarb. like he goes crazy for raspberries. good times.
and this is the sockeye i cooked up today. it was incredible. so much of it in the fridge waiting to be mixed with mayonaise and green onions and spread on some kind of bread (or tortilla chip). yum.

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