B A L T I M O R E ! ! !

PHALLUS!!! (dc)
so much graffiti in baltimore
book thing!
book thing! amazing!
baltimore farmer's market
baltimore farmer's market
baltimore skyline
post tattoooooooooo. "you know who my wife is right?", "um, yes", "well take as many pictures as you want!" (haha)
sean's mom's house
great conversation with sean's mom about rep/dem and family dynamics along political lines!
non-dairy ice creams?
dairy free ice creams at whole paycheck
OMG LAST WEEKEND i was so lucky to spend almost forty cumulative hours traveling from my home to Melissa's home in Baltimore. YAYAYAY so much anticipation and worth every minute. Also getting tattoo'd by my tattoo artist hero (and for him to be probably the first man in the tattoo industry who hasn't been a complete dickwad to me) was a dream come true. My favourite parts?: Learning more about american politics; getting drunk with Melissa on Edgar Allen Poe beer and eating a club sandwich and fries with both cheese and gravy, going to the Baltimore Farmer's Market (incredible!), and just hanging out. It was the best time ever. I'm looking forward to going again next year.
PS there's more pictures in my FLICKR SET

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