the heat escaping barely keeps you awake, shivering in your clothes

It has been just over a week that I last plugged in my desktop computer and today I realized that I have to stop avoiding my responsibilities, plug this baby in, and get to work. The list of stuff I have put off all week has piled up and my list is looong, but no worries, doable, and I'm not really stressed about it.

Seth and I got to Prince George on Monday night after an epic three-day road trip and are leaving on Tuesday morning and gunning for Vancouver. There's snow 'til Clinton, so as long as we get there by 3ish we'll be good to head the rest of the way. The snow here and the cold has been nothing short of wonderful. The coldness isn't even that bitter, yet, and Seth is overjoyed by the time he gets to spend all layered up, waist deep in powder.

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