I got so many things I could tell you, If my stubborn mouth doesn't let me down

In the past five days I've spent 24 hours in my car and put 1952KM on the little new ladycakes (1997 golf mkv). Car rides are the prime introspective time for me. It's where I get my thinking and processing done and I put so many KM on the road I'm unsure why I haven't figured out major world problems (like why the Patriarchy still exists). Today in the car I figured out a few things that I thought I'd share.

1. I miss roller derby and I'm going to consciously ensure I do not replace it with something "new" to do, just in case I want to go back to it, some day, some how.

2. Neko Case has a deeper grasp on my feelings than I do.

3. There is something magical about a neon pink sky behind a few hectares of hay fields.

4. Smoked salmon is delicious.

5. I thought my life was already awesome. But the past five days have really kicked it up a notch. Not sure what I did to deserve this.

6. I get to cross 3 things off my list over there!

7. I sang in public on Saturday for the first time in over a decade. It was anxiety fuelling and turned out ok! Pretty sure I'm happy I replaced making music with knitting and other things of much value. Good to know, though, I can rekindle and call upon it if I need to.


Mountain Girl said...

Love you! Just thought you should know : )

Kim Matheson said...

You're wonderful. :) I'm glad things are being all Awesome for you!

Denielle said...

Brutal! I'm glad you're putting those lies to rest. Your positive impact on the people around you aside, you really *are* a phenomenal woman.