so full it's sick bleck i should just be vegan or something

tonight my aunt made dinner for my mom and us (mother's day, my mom's birthday) and i don't know what it was (factory farmed beef?) but i feel super sick. actually, i blame all the chips we ate before hand waiting for the dinner to get to the table. yick.

what is it about KIDS and garlic bread? i don't really get it. i have to work harder at making sure seth doesn't grow up on carbs. bleck.

i'm so pooped from life. and it's only after a few hard days with seth that i go, where'd the days go? he's teething some molars and is just such a person suck. way more than usual (eg he wont go to bed on his own right now, must either sleep with us or cuddle to sleep = so draining). i've picked up some knitting again to just ease my mind a little bit. it's a little crazed. i really need to get my hands on some vega to give me a boost. i need it. xO

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Eden Oliver said...

You should tell Seth "Bread makes you fat." a la Ramona Flowers. That's what I would do, because I live my life via movie quotes.

Also, I tried to call YOU to tell YOU happy mother's day, but no one was home. So "Happy Mother's Day!"

Love :)