post-rollercon. some pictures.

Photo By D.E.Sign (http://myderbyphotos.com/)
hanging out in the hotel waiting to dump our shit so we can enjoy the STRIP
I had a really hard time getting into classes, as well as a really hard time getting good pictures with my iPhone, so ended up watching LOTS of bouts and scrimmages (dozens) and taking blurry pictures.
Canada vs. Texas! Fun! 
Vagina cheerleaders at the Vagine Regime vs. Caulksuckers bout !! 
The Vagine vs. Caulk game was incredible. At the last jam the score was 164 to 164. The house was on FIRE people were screaming and cheering (look for the video post, next). Caulk ended up winning by 7 points or something. You can also check out these pics on FB for more exciting 
The final High-5 round at the Vagine vs. Caulk game. So awesome.
I ended up not taking many pictures. But taking some really good video. I had such an incredible time. It's really inspired me to be a better skater and a better derby player. I learned so much about the sport of roller derby and the community and myself. EGADS it was AWESOME. Just the Vagine vs. Caulk game alone. (Well, and all the booty shorts).

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laura said...

yesh, welcome home. looks like you had a time and a half! Really, the classes are great but a little hard to absorb everything with 59 other skaters in the same room and all you get is a skills sampling.