"holy moly, mi oh my, you're the apple of my eye"

Today I finally got to make Calzones! It was my plan last Saturday but the yeast was bad. Bah! I used this recipe for the dough, doubled it (5 cups white flour, 2 cups whole wheat), and let it rise for 40 minutes and as you can see it just exploded out of the bowl! So, that's what dough looks like when the yeast works?! YES! I'm definitely a yeasty-convert now. For the filling I managed to get my hands on some LOCAL pork hot pepperoni from Hilliers Sausage on my way back on Hwy 4. I sliced it up with crimini mushrooms and shallots. We had some marble cheese that I put small bits of inside. I used canned spaghetti sauce I scored at Safeway (it's so delicious, my new favourite canned anything) and ended up making only 7 calzones and a pizza roll. I think next time (there will be a next time!!) I'll make them 1/2 the size and do pineapple (I love pineapple in pizza) or spinach and ricotta.

On top of all this I also made a bizarre bean/lentil filling with spinach and chipotle for burritos (paired with brown rice). They're currently freezing and will probably get wrapped up in the morning and get ready to be eaten for lunch. I also made two quarts of iced lady grey tea and bought the stuff to make tzatziki tomorrow. YUM. My week is definitely going to be filled with yummy lunches and not at all with instant noodles (which now make me so sick, bleck).

Aside from today's insane cooking projects this week has also been busy. We finally got on the floor and I spent most of my week troubleshooting network issues and picture messaging problems for mobile users in the US. oi! The fun part was talking about the snowstorm that hit the east coast and wishing for snow. Here = cherry blossoms and green grass. It's weird. This is my first winter ever where I've experienced growth so early in the year. I don't know how to comprehend it, really. I've also been knitting socks, working on wrist warmers for Loki, and am almost done Stewart's vday giftie. LOVE the knitting. Love it.

Oh! And check out Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. They rock my everything right now.

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