"when i think about you i touch myself"

oh, the mid week. i just finished day 3 at work yesterday ( a long one with overtime thrown in, bleck, but $$=good ) and have today and tomorrow. very good, can't wait for my days off! my work schedule means i don't really get time to make lots of things, eat/cook good food, and rest/read/relax, etc. all stuff that as of april 11th i'll have more time to do, so i'm literally counting down the days.

i did, though, want to share two things with you that i'm loving. spread the word kind of:

!!! it's this new-ish comic by greg rucka and mathew southworth. i picked up the first two issues at curious when we were in victoria a few times back and will go put it on hold at the curious in nanaimo for whenever #3 comes out. i'm not really a cartoon fan, but something about my obsession with portland and the image/story of this book really get me. basically, it's about a down-and-out PI with a gambling issue who is (i'm assuming) from a local aboriginal group and the sole caretaker of her brother who has downs syndrome. what a wallop of life issues for this anti-hero, but the crime-story (which is something i usually don't like) tied with the anti-hero's backstory are compelling. and the drawing is fucking brilliant. blarg. i love it. here's the official website.

another thing i'm LOVING right now is this new etsy shop from there is beauty in the breakdown. it's a pg-based etsy shop led by a feministy friend of mine who is AMAZING and strong and incredible!! i LOVE you!!! anyway, i love this shirt and want one.

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