"nobody better pinch me, bitch i swear i go crazy"

my grandma and grandpa on my grandpa's bday. he got a lottery ticket (not a winner) but was excited!

things have definitely been busy around here. and i don't even feel like i'm doing very much! oi! i've been knitting up a storm for friends and helvetica...and am going to cast on matching booty shorts for stewart's birthday hat! very excited! a few things have come up in the past week that i'm getting psyched about and working on (aside from my need for a gazillion hours of sleep every night).

first is definitely the weather! my little widget says it's 7C out! wowza! and it's clear and sunny! we can see the mountains and a sea of blue sky. i love it. the rain over the past few weeks has also caused everything to start growing. we have this neon-green moss growing all over the yard and crocuses and small little purple flowers are growing EVERYWHERE. i've just repotted my house plants too (stew got me an aloe and a jade plant for vagina day)! yay for spring! i'm also getting further into this gardening thing. i need to find some dirt (for free!), shovel out our garden boxes and get newspaper seedlings started inside pretty quick.

the other is that i met a handful of amazing people on the weekend at a party and i've gotten my hands on some volunteer opportunities at a local family treatment centre *hopefully* writing youth programming policy!! yay! i also have a NDP hookup that i have yet to call and will probably do next week when i'm on my new schedule (nights th-monday but tues and wed off!!!) and a bit more sane.

lastly, this weekend we're going to victoria albeit just for the night to see my beloved YACHT. i can't wait to party down dance whatever and enjoy one of my last shows and latenight slurpee foibles before being a parent (and then having to worry about sitters and travel with a kid and blah blah blah). speaking of: i only have about 6.5 weeks of work left. OMZG!! i leave you with a live yacht video. xo


finethankyou said...

AHHH! re: watching this yacht video.

They are so horse faced and awkward. I actually covered my eyes in some parts! Im scared for this concert.

Melissa said...

So obviously we will need to postpone our california trip for a while, however once the babe is a bit older i think she/he should come too. think of all the cute photos we could take. omg. donuts.

diandra said...

i dream of those donuts on a daily basis, honest.

KT said...

Awe, yay for teeny knitted things for Helvetica and teeny knitted booty shorts for stewie! I miss his lil legs.....and YOU!