#20: Dress Up for Halloween

Let Ruth Choose
OK, I know I don't look like I"m in costume, but behind that poster I'm wearing my most butchy dress and a militant vest with my anti-censorship and feministy buttons on the lapel. I'm also not wearing make up like usual (only brown lipstick). We recently watched citizen ruth and it was awesome. Stewart (probably jokingly) suggested we go as a baby saver and pro-lifer. So, my costume didn't stand out, but it took some effort AND had lots of little details. (I also love this photo b/c I look k-razy!). XO


laura said...

yay! way to go on getting things off that list. also, you do look krazy! crazy awesome! great coupe costume. robyn and dave won second place for their Burger King and Dairy Queen couple costumes. They would have won first if they had done it in drag!

babyblue said...

tehe, this photo made me ear-to-ear grin!