how do you spell FUCK out of coquihalla?

snow on the coquihalla
well, we actually made it to the OKANAGAN on the weekend! hurrah! on thursday night our ferry was an hour late, and then on friday we spent the better part of the afternoon stuck up in a line of cars on the Coquihalla just about 30KM north of Hope. Thankfully had somewhere to turn around and head back down on the right side of the road. That line of car went for MILES. (did you see it on the news?) the part that I didn't really understand was that at a point when I could've turned around we rolled down the window and I asked an RCMP officer who was standing on the side of the road if we should turn around and he said, "KEEP GOING!" stupid jerk. and when we turned around no one else really was. so they were stuck up there on the mountain, barely out of the lower mainland, in the dark. not even katy perry could put some fun into that friday night.

luckily we got on the hope princeton and the roads were pretty good all the way to osoyoos. my sister ended up taking my car, with my camera inside, so i didn't get any pictures of our great great fun! including family dinner at stewart's grandma's house, seth running around in circles and eating chips at his other great grandma's house, massive family breakfast at the diner, family visit at lauralee's craft store, family visit at timmy's in penticton, running around the beach with seth in penticton, the insanity of the mall in Kelowna, the yummy vegetarian pasta i made at stew's mom's house in kelowna, nor the beautiful beautiful day outside on sunday in kelowna (i had forgotten about my camera by this point). and then today on the way home i also forgot to get pictures of this incredible fruit stand we visited in summerland. i bought a huge bag of apples from just up the road, pears from just up the road, and organic shallots deemed "the best shallots in BC" by the farmstand owner, which were grown in cawston. yum!

what i did get pictures of though, was the snow. on the coq. and on the hope-princeton. and our crazy faces. OMG.
snow on the hope princeton
get me off this highway!!
get us off this mountain!

snow on the coquihalla
line of cars for miles and miles!!

get me off this highway!!
get me off this highway!!

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laura said...

yuck. i love all of this.