weee ol' update

I know, it's been almost a month since I posted here last. It's brutal. (I have been posting at HOME SWEET HOME if you're really desperate).  After we got back from the OK I got pretty sick and then got a flu shot (fuck yes flu shot virgin and i love it so far) and then things have been SO BUSY gearing up for SLAY BELLES 2011 which is happening this weekend here in port alberni. Eeeeeps!!! So much to do, just the right amount of time, and Port Alberni gets to finally put ourselves on the map for Roller Derby! Yay!

I was thinking about updating a bit on how my goals are coming (see the left).

1. Not going to Hilo, but going to blood & thunder bootcamp in Abbotsford in February AND to Rollercon in Vegas in July. So I'll cross this one off when I get back from Vegas.

2. we have moved upstairs and now have space for our teapots. we have yet to decide where they are going, though, so that's why it's not crossed off yet.

6. appointment booked! idea decided. it's going to be better than everyone's tattoos in the world COMBINED

9. I've passed everything but my laps. I must work out almost every day to work on my endurance. FML.

13. new bedroom. still needs to be painted. going for a look like this.

14-16. i don't wanna talk about it

21. going very well.

29. booking for early january.

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Mountain Girl said...

1. B&D and Rollercon will be fab, but don't cross of Hilo yet!
2. Add "replace my favorite teapot" - sorry yours broke :(
9. I will kick you ass. You will pass. Even if you puke in the trying.
13. If you need some luscious red paint as an accent, let me know.