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My derby wife stirring the shit out of the ganache
our new dining room
fall / winter leaves
helvetica and k.
raging kitsuksis
It's officially transitioned from fall into winter, though solstice is a few days away, the oncoming of xmas has truly made it's mark. Our pre-hanukkah hanukkah feast is tomorrow and our friends have (thankfully) taken on some of the meal preparations. I'm excited (and nervous) about the huge people load that will be here tomorrow: fun! Regardless of me knowing every year exactly when they're coming, the holidays are always a last minute thought for me. I don't carve out the time and I don't save up the money to go hog wild, which is good, because that's not the holidays I really want anyway. And the post-SLAY BELLES hangover finally fell right into a brutal cold and had me pretty much off of work this whole last week. YUCK. And not even days off with a lot of accomplishments. Lots of lying on the couch or the floor, fighting for a few extra hours of sleep (I've reinstituted my 11pm bedtime, hoping for lower next time), and avoiding doing dishes or even making dinner opting for eating out (expensive but delicious) and popcorn and totoro for dinner. The best times. I don't really know what my xmas angst is about and while we've pared down so much I truly only have one person to "buy" for (and I collected all year and made stuff for them too), there's always the people I forget (like a cousin - we each take a relative from this family; or my grandpa - guh!; or even my step mom - ooops!). I tend to skip friends almost entirely but managed to pick up a few goodies a while back, regardless I'll send my "xmas parcels" in April like I always do, which I really like doing anyway. And the knitting two more things to knit, both in progress, one for my derby wife and one for my step dad (I had him in the swap this year). I knitted things for Stewart's family but I'm worried about lurkers so pictures will be posted as soon as they receive their parcel (of which I have to send first). This post has been too nitty processy. I'm a bit tired and am avoiding the cooking I have to do for tomorrow, but will nip that in the bud and get the vegan brisket in the oven pronto, so it can bake while we watch LOVE ACTUALLY. Happy Chrismukkah!!

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