A year in photos

smash patriarchy tattoo
Smash Patriarchy tattoo - January 2011
Foggy and Snowy on the Hump - February 2011
Katsudon, I die, best meal of the year, hands down - March 2011
vegan yoghurt!
Vegan transition, coconut yoghurt - April 2011
DIY Smilebooth
We've managed to have a baby for a year and not kill it ! ! - May 2011
Embracing summer, skirts, tights, toms - June 2011
alberni valley roller girls. first group shot
The AVRG come out into public, exciting times - July 2011
new couch!
My dream couch that I've been hunting for FREE on freecycle - August 2011
Cave Singers at Rifflandia IV, I had an incredibly amazing get away weekend with Stewart - September 2011
six minute eggs and mizuna
six min eggs and mizuna - October 2011
ocean breathes salty
My betiko favourite knit of the year - November 2011
My derby wife stirring the shit out of the ganache
My Derby Wife and I making Ganache, so happy this lady came into my life this year - December 2011

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love you very much sweetie :)