who would want to be such a control freak?

fish cake
swinging in coquitlam
at the river's park.
mmmm, meat
homemade vegan peanut butter cups
Me: "I want a peppermint patty!"
Derby Wife: "No, you want Plank!"

Hello, 2012. I'm ready for you to kick my ass. We had a great relaxing holiday. I worked more than I wanted to but am feeling energized and ready to take on this one hell of a busy year. I think I've got it under control. Refocusing my derby priorities. Get to host a juniors camp through work. Super yes! Almost done my birthday sweater. About 10 inches or less left on one arm, the other arm, weaving in, and blocking the front part. Oh, and sewing in the band to keep the neck nice and sturdy. Also inspired to do a number of home things around here (see my pinterest HOME SWEET HOME board for inspirations!!) and to finish tackling my list on the left.

Other things I'm excited for are to be OFF the board of AVRG. It's really getting in the way of me wanting to be a killer skater. I have so much work to do to be a great skater! And, as the Roller Derby Association of Canada forms itself up I wish I had more time to contribute because it's going to be amazing. I'll probably not let go of this one for dear life.

Oh, and I'm excited for rollercon! and Blood and Thunder! And the may RDAC bootcamp in Kamloops! and whatever other fun stuff comes our way!!!! Wait, 2012 will be the year of roller derby and the fifth year of marriage for me and Stewart. Super fun times await!


tinkers said...

those pb cups look fantastic! what is that pink thing in the bowl? and way love you have the courage for roller derby! you go girl!

laura said...

way to go my sister of a different mister