30 by 31 (and a 29 before 30 recap!)

Well, today is my 30th birthday! Since I was a teenager I've admired people in their 30s and thought the true cool people were in their 30s. So, now I'm here! Looking forward to it. 29 was a big year for me, emotionally, and I think I've got it figured out! *YEEHAW!* To "get ready" for my thirties I did a list of my 29 before 30. The list as a process is changing and I'm realizing what I can do, reasonably, within a year (like paying all my debts off is NOT a reality if I'm also going to travel my face off), and hope my 30before31 list is a little more realistic ( more winning ). But, before I get to it, here's a recap of my 29before30:

1. go to ROLLER CON!
2. get/build/mount a shelf for my tea pots ended up not having any teapots: they all broke // new house had a teapot and a place for it
3. see Melissa planning this for my next year
4. own 3 of isa's vegan cookbooks got three from eden for my birthday last year and they revolutionized my life!
5. print pizza face zine
6. prince george tattoos done! looking forward to going back.
7. get a raise achieved (though small!). also got a second contract to increase my monthly income.
8. jump over a line with both feet (on skates) i can do this, though i'm still a little scared.
9. pass WFTDA minimum skills hurrah!
10. stay vegan until my bday 2012
11. ride to the market with seth in the trailer this was fun. should do it again
12. pay off all credit cards and line of credit 1/5 got one!!!!
13. paint our bedroom
14. finish my bday sweater i never wear this. it's a bit big now.
15. knit stewart's totoro hat
16. knit stewart's kreuger sweater he loves this and looks awesome
17. get a manicure
18. tomahawk stop yes!
19. can pickles
20. dress up for hallowe'eni hated this. ahahaah.
21. only have caffeine/coffee/pop 1 x per month (max) 9/12 this was really hard.
22. sew myself a piece of clothing dress for rollercon's luau!
23. buy a pair of jeans that fit gift from my mother in law! thank you!
24. take seth to swimming lessons this was a little failed
25. finish reading PLAYER ONE
great great novel!
26. hold plank for one minute YES!
27. buy another pair of flues (heels)
28. Do Fish.
29. Ombre hair

And without any further ado... My 30 before 31...

1/ pay off citi card
2/ pay off Hbc card
3/ pg tattoos
4/ 12 books
5/ go clamming
6/ 40 in 10
7/ play an out of town interleague game
8/ surfing lessons
9/ Sew myself a piece of clothing
10/ publish a paper
11/ make every pie in the vegan pie book
12/ Seth swimming lessons
13/ Rollercon 2013
14/ Leid on the Flat Track
15/ Knit another Stephen West Shawl
16/ see Melissa
17/ tk tattoos
18/ change my work situation
19/ weekend away on wc
20/ van folk fest
21/ stay vegan
22/ knuckle tattoos
23/ make cookzine about vegan breakfast sandwiches
24/ knit 3 sweaters
25/ fix sewing machine
26/ 360 jump turn
27/ be lead jammer
28/ run 5 km
29/ neck tattoo
30/ go to the dentist

This upcoming year's list contains four main themes: tattoos, travel, crafting, roller derby. Looking forward to it.

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Kate said...

Awesome job on last years list! And um can you pretty please publish a zine about vegan breakfast sandwiches because I would, wait for it, devour that! Sorry couldn't resist but seriously ...