A Love Letter of Sorts

Dear Melissa Marion,

In just under 2 weeks I will be in your city. I haven't seen you in person in just a month over THREE YEARS. This is a tragic failing on my part (stupid children). I anticipate that you will have created us an itinerary and picked out your best outfits and will even do a lemon cayenne water fast before I arrive because I am that important, but I am doing the same for you, and I know we will both benefit.

I've never been to the Eastern part of the united states of america and am excited to spend some time in a car on a real bonafied freeway, see a racial ghetto (which I seem to only see in the US or Toronto and some parts of Vancouver because I really never go anywhere and they continually fascinate me), and beat up anyone who says the words, "legitimate rape".

There's a few things I want to do in Baltimore and with you (on top of our visit to Classic Electric):
1. Ensure your BF doesn't feel TOO ALIENATED by my presence
2. Have a GIRLS marathon and eat ice cream
3. Ryan Gosling Movies and Wine Coolers
4. Go for a walk every day! EVERY DAY.
5. Buy books at Atomic Books (but not too many)
6. recreate this movie cover when we go to washington
7. eat out at least twice!

Even if we stay home and only eat grilled cheese sandwiches and read books about tropical birds we will have fun.

LOVE Diandra

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Melissa said...


I recently received a love letter of sorts from you and it made my entire being swell with happiness and my eyes fill with tears. It's true that in two weeks you'll be by my side. And we'll no doubt be in our very best outfits! Trust that I have tried very hard to think of lots of awesome things to do which is hard because I NEVER DO ANYTHING. I'm really excited to just chill with you and watch the best show ever, GIRLS. You can help me find my Hannah outfit.

We will spend time on a REAL freeway and prepare yourself because I never drive anymore and so I'm going to be freaking out. But I'll do it for you. Don't worry about my boyfriend, he'll just have to get over how much I'm going to love you and shower you with affection and attention. We will do the things on your list to the best of our ability and time restraints. Plus a few other things. Also, we must have grilled cheese. We can buy fancy ingredients at Whole Foods or the Farmer's Market.

I can't wait to see you!