I've been a wreck so long it's hard to pull it back.

The morning after the epic gringo dinner we had, I'm feeling more tired than hung over, and more done with the current state of my life, and ready for a number of things to change. Any day now things can start to be drastically different and it's exhausting trying to keep up. I know that's super ominous but work, self, relationship, community: all these things could look different in the days and weeks ahead. Hopefully all won't be drastically different, but different nonetheless. One I feel like sharing right now is that I've connected with a Derbalife coach. Derbalife is Herbalife optimized for derby. I get a derby coach (who is fucking awe inspiring!) who will help me reach my health/derby goal: play at an elite level by in three years. WFTDA travel team, regionals, RDAC Nationals, team canada. LOFTY GOAL? Doable. But a lot of work. And I need motivation. And coaching works for me. Psyched. And after being sick for a week, I'm ready to get down on the floor and work my abs for 12 minutes until I puke.

In other news, epic dinner last night was awesome. So awesome I wish I took more pictures. Me and my roommate made Seitan, bean, and daiya burritos with Mesa Sauce (and beef, bean, and cheese burritos), green aji (sauce) which i forgot to take out and we will pour all over the leftovers, vegan queso, vegan 7 layer dip, peruvian potato salad, cabbage salad, zucchini and avo salad, tofu corn casserole, cilantro lime rice.. and a three layer, tri-coloured cake to look like the mexico flag. We also had sangria, coronas, margaritas, pina coladas, mojitos, palomas, jello shots, and sangria. It was great.

And, with some bday $$ i broke down and bought new toms. i love them.


babyblue said...

gah, you are almost 30!!

mishellesays said...

diiiiiiii!!! <33 we have the same TOMS.