the shining star

well, i'm back from my whirlwind work trip to toronto this week. i was on a youth exchange as the leader/coordinator and it was such a good week but i'm just so tired. my camera's battery is dead and i need to unload the pictures off my camera for work (they're all of participants) and then take a picture of the few things i bought (very cool though) and the things i received in the mail recently.

while in toronto i was obsessed with finding a pair of shoes, which i didn't do. i bought yarn instead (from lettuce knit, it was so nice to finally go there) to make a shrug. i'm pretty excited about it (photos soon). and a few things from old navy, as well as a few pouches/zipper clutches, scarves, etc.

but, the minute i get home and log into my flickr i find that knittydirtygirl is making/upcycling shoes!!! so i just bought these (pictured above). i'm pretty excited to feel like a princess while wearing them. speaking of wearing things this week i did a lot of walking and it was SO HOT in toronto, so i ended up wearing leggings (shorter/calf length) with shorts mainly to keep my shorts up, but also to stop long-day chaffing. haha. i think i like the look and can finally pull it off! woop! i've been wanting to wear this look for a while, so i'm happy. i think now i just need a nice pair of boots, but should wait until i pull out my winter ones, b/c i've got a good collection.

so, i'm gonna roll this up, keep knitting, and probably take on dinner in a few minutes (freezer pizza, spinach salad. i'm so tired. i've napped this afternoon but can't get hydrated enough to think. i need more vitamin water! ha!

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Melissa said...

i too want to pull off the shorts with tights look but i can't find short enough shorts that fit me nicely.

I think we should start a countdown.