task #15 (completed) + task #54 (still in progress).

task #15 Today at work we had a psychic fair and i read cards for a handful of youth as well as some community partners and staff. it was a lot of fun. and though i needed my book for some of them, for the most part i did it from my head and heart. so very impressed with myself. scratch that one off my list! i still have a lot to do with my cards and have to get to know them better, but there's a start.

task #54 i've given away one thing i couldn't live without (my grey chucks...so sad, i miss them ALL THE TIME) and i thought of the second item. it's hard to think of something to give away that i can't live without...i mean, will i replace it? not sure...and if i can give it away does that mean i CAN live without it? so confusing..let me tell you...but i've picked the second item! can you believe it? my pink pashmina.
hamming it up
i will send it to the first person who comments saying something like "i want that scarf!" also, leave me your email so i can get your addy. i'm sad to let this go as it's been such a part of me for the past 3 years, but i think it's time.

ETA: i just read through my list "go canoeing" and said, poo!! i just had an opportunity when i was in new aiyansh and turned it down, mainly because the boat was full of kids... i need to make this one happen!! anyone have a canoe??

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Derek said...

why hasnt anyone commented? Fuck I want it. But I just would not be able to do anything with it. I defs wouldnt wear it. maybe I could use it as a curtain?

No... I dont want that scarf. But I cant believe nobody else does.