you never get back what the magpie took

socks for kat
socks for kat at i <3 tattoos (aside, omfgg, this project is so cool)

this week so far has been awesome. i haven't worked very much (i'm on holidays and today is canada day so no work either) and have caught up on my contracting (almost, i have about 1 hour of work left) and met with my thesis supervisor (it's going to committee and i shot some of her requests out of the park and integrated brilliantly, etc, yay! and she's excited for me to do my phd, blah blah) and crafted and rollerskated and went to yoga and hung out with friends and stewart and made yummy food, etc.

yesterday i hung out with a and we talked at length about buying things and how we both get this mutual feeling of disgust in ourselves/the world when we're in a place of shopping. we both over the past year have stopped our mass consumer attitudes (which could be because we have no money, but i'm not sure) and are just shopping less. and our wants have dropped too. i don't troll etsy or craft blogs with the i want i want i want like i used to.. and i've pretty much stopped yarn shopping in the past 2 months. which is a feat in itself. regardless, i'm wanting this right now and have distracted myself by looking at the le creuset website. guh. the other non-consumer thing i'm rolling around with right now is that my clothes are in dire need of replacing. i've been wearing the same denim skirt since japan, only bought 1 pair of new flats this summer (i usually blow out 3 pairs a season), and am sewing up tights rather than buying new ones. hrm. i'm excited though because stewart has blown out two pairs of slip ons and he's giving them to me!! yay!!!

now, i'm off to finish kat's socks, have a shower, and put together burritos for dinner. yummers.

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