Task #85: Own only five pairs of shoes

task #85 own only 5 pairs of shoes
i think i left my camera charger in toronto. where, im not sure. so i had to take this picture with my phone. bugger. the top row are the ones i'm keeping.

1. my owl eleanor keds. i got these through trade from urban colour summer 2006. i washed them the other day and they're as new as can be. i love them.
2. burgundy rocket dogs, maryjanes, semi-wedge heel. these are new (last fall) and i don't wear them much but can't yet give them away/rid of them. if i do i will give them to caitlin gilroy.
3. my moccasins. i will destroy these this summer by wearing them so much.
4. my rocket dog flats. silk insides. they're pretty wrecked. but i love them. my new knitty dirty girl maryjanes will replace them. i don't know if i can part with them though. it will be hard.
5. my pink chucks from sendai, japan. i have to keep at least one pair!

1. grey chucks from japan, first pair ever. giving them to michelle d.
2. metallic flats from kalin. she was destashing and gave them to me. i've never worn them.
3. red heels (wood stacked) from the bay. bought these for the pg women's dinner at cimo in 2007. don't think i've worn them out of the house since. waste of $$ definitely.
4. black flats from value village, 2006. i wore these a lot. they're a little big, though. (someone already claimed these)
5. vans bought on sale when a sports store in the mall was closing. $14 or something. was with a. she bought a pair of eleanor keds that day. i saw them in her closet last time i was over.

1. pink and black checker vans from wedding 2007. i wore the shit out of these and they are completely blown out along both sides of both feet. i'm not getting rid of them but putting them into storage. they're my wedding shoes! i have to keep them!!
2. puma flip flops. i wore these a lot in japan but since have adopted a "no flip flops in public" attitude. i blame stewart for that one.
3. fancy slip ons that stewart wore for a year and recently gave them to me. these ones will go in the garbage. they're smelly.
4. my $10 pumas i got brand new at value village in blue mountain in 2003. i wore these when i worked at starbucks all the time.
5. my black rocket dog flats. i bought these when i bought the pink ones and don't like them. they stretched out pretty bad. (someone already claimed these)

you'll notice that these are NOT winter boots (which include my etnies, vans boots, my short fluffy boots, and my slouch boots). i hope to get one more pair of winter boots (leather ones this time) to round out my winter collection. the same 5 pair rule applies, i think. i've also not included my working out runners and my slippers (boots).

all pairs that are going will be up for grabs for one week (size 10 or 9.5 most of the time). you just have to email me (ohsweetie (at) gmail (dot) com) and be willing to pay up to $10 shipping.


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