"i'm old fashioned, i love the moonlight, i love the old fashioned things"

Not having a lot of money recently means that one of the things coming from the holidays (aside from new coping skills) is my brush with stuff. I unabashedly love stuff (but still think down with consumerism. hm.) I had a haul that I was ashamed of, considering our family did a swap this year, but did get a few things I'm excited about including the One Fast Move cd stewart got me (jay farrar and ben gibbard) with the accompanying DVD (super excited to actually consume it!), Gossip Girl season 2, and a sock knitting book my mom got me.

One thing that I didn't get to do this year was buy myself a holiday gift (or even a post-thesis or post-move gift or anything!) which I love to do. I think that I'll try to squeeze in a pair of shoes (stewart's bday is in january too!)... I've been really wanting a new pair of slip ons since the two pairs I've acquired from stew have gone by the wayside: the eyeball ones got puke on them (not mine, so i threw them away) and the leather ones fit stew's feet so well they fit mine weird. here are the ones I'm thinking of:
These sugar shoes booties!!! I love sugar, my favourite shoes ever are sugar shoes. But do I want sneakers or boots?

These DC Rebound Highs? I really like the colours, they had a black and lilac pair I really wanted but my size is sold out..boooo.

I loves these vans!!!

And, I love these para chukkas (also vans). in fact, i love all vans, and have a hard time buying shoes that aren't skate shoes. oi.


KT said...

I vote for the para chukkas. You can't go wrong with a duck-faced cow on a skateboard!

Ariane said...