tomorrow's on it's way, there's always new songs to sing...

well, i managed to finish eden's swallowtail shawl in time for xmas. just in the nick of time, actually. oi! it was a fun knit, though i know i definitely messed up a few times but it turned out great. and this colourway looks so great with this pattern, i'm kinda jealous i didn't keep it for myself. i also managed to knit my grandma a pair of socks, and finish up my post-thesis socks. i've worn the shit out of all my hand knit socks and will probably hand wash them here in a few minutes, hang them to dry, etc. i can't wait to wear them all over again. hahaha. i've been knitting plain socks at work the past two weeks and am excited to keep knitting this pair i'm working on with the yarn i bought in portland at yarnia. i think i'll hold off taking a picture until they're done (mainly b/c my charger is still mia) and i'd like to keep them a secret. i've also re-picked up my forestry cardigan and was working on it a bit today...and also will cast on for another pair of socks with KDG yarn. i just need to dig out one of my sock books and hunt down a pattern.

the holidays are over. thank heavens! sure my grandma's birthday is still tomorrow and it's new year's on thursday (3 day weekend coming up! woop!) but i'm definitely considering this run over. both stew and i are happy to have left prince george and are still settling in here, but the holidays definitely threw us for a loop. and both concurred we'd trade everything for a herkes-legere xmas any day! so less stressful! so much more fun! i love my family and love hanging with them and doing things with them, but "family" is definitely overrated. and "family gatherings" are also too much for me to handle. i just don't have the care or the ability to put on that face (the social one) for more than 2-4 hours. which, in all honesty, makes going to work somewhat hard (i wish i didn't have to work ever!). i need to remember that i'm not 16 anymore and can't just play all night. i need more me time! more me and stew time!

i'm going to lie down and maybe get my sanity back. i hope you all had a great holiday!! xo

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burrito said...

I too have a limit for how much family time I can handle - both for my family and in-law-type people. The in-law-type family thinks it is okay to schedule family events on christmas eve, christmas day, boxing day, and then try to suggest going shoeshoeing on the 28th. Ah, no. 3 days in a row is enough, thanks. I used to feel like a bad person for not enjoying family time more, but I'm realizing that most of us feel this way and everyone else is just better than me at hiding their feelings. =)