my heart may never beat again baby, have you got the best of me?

sunset from the living room window

rupert slept at my feet all night

it feels like today was a lazy day, but i accomplished a lot! and while i count the knitting days for some reason as accomplishing nothing (now that i'm actually accomplishing something), i need to remember that knitting is just as important as everything else! even as important as my thesis which i finally tackled today.

i haven't been looking forward to my revisions, mainly because i disagree with most of them. i spent 2 hours today merging all my separate chapters into one document, reformating most of it, adding page numbers, and getting ready to do the main edits (textual revisions) tomorrow-sunday. i have a lofty list of revisions to do (arg) but alas. this thesis looks less and less like a zine with every change. when the academic version is finished and submitted i'll provide the pdf up here for you to read, if you like, and i will also incorporate some aspects of the revisions into the zine which you'll get in january/february.

in other news, i got a job!! it's nothing to write home about, but they told me in my interview that there's opportunities for advancement, etc. i'm still looking for that dream, career gal job, preferably in victoria, so if you see anything, pls let me know!

well, i'm going to play nintendo until stew gets home in a bit and then work on eden's xmas knitting until glee!!! i can't believe both gossip girl and glee are off all winter. i'm going to spend the winter months catching up on mad men and true blood. any other shows i should check out?? xo


laura s. said...

oh di. congrats on the job-o! woop!

check out: deadwood...how i met your mother

KT said...

Hey Lady! Lovely picture of Rupert, he is a handsome devil! I'm excited to read your thesis soon once finals are over!!

Eden Oliver said...

Gleemigawd! Baby drama baby drama!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your thesis!:)
Odd thing happened on Friday - two friends who went to university in Canada came to my Christmas party, and brought along two guests who were staying with them for a few weeks. And they lived in Prince George and the girl knew you! Apparently her sister was in a calender with you? I was excited at the coincidence. If only I could remember their names...but there you go, they came all the way to Nottingham, England to a strangers party and we had something in common x

diandra said...

that's CRAZY!!!