tea time!
moving is so stressful. (duh). and paired with being sick, it's not the funnest time in the world. i also have the last little bit on my thesis to go (to submit it to the graduate studies department) and so much packing. on top of that, work has been I N S A N E and i haven't been able to take any of the time i'm owed (9 days). so all in all, shits. i came home from work and internetted for a few hours this afternoon, made dinner, finally did some dishes, and had a nap. i couldn't sleep much longer and really craved oysters (protein!) and then tea and cookies. i was so dopey in save on that i bought mussels (yuck) but did get these yummy peak freanes and some honey for tea. so, i'm going to spend the next 45 minutes with CTV on demand, my tea, cookies, and my knitting. then sleep until i can't no more (well, until work tomorrow). p.s. excited for whip it this weekend!

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