working in a coal mine..part 934

made w/ love curses + hissy fits by loki + scissor tits
today was crazy. hands down pretty much insane. first, it's still super dry here (that'll never go away, obv) and i was super dried out/cranky when i woke up this morning. at 9a. and there was so much wind! windy windy windy! like typhoon strength wind. apples and newspapers everywhere (i'm not sure where the newspapers came from). and when i went into the kitchen to wash dishes (backlog) to make coffee there was a huge pile of cat puke on the kitchen floor. so i sulked away being so tired i'd vomit just from not sitting down and internetted for an hour before i got the strength to clean it up. my poor kitties. i bought them gastrointestinal food this afternoon.

anyway, a strange thing happened: i pulled something my mom does on busy days. i got in the car and went to get two venti americanos (so we don't have to make coffee) and a bag of Bagel BELTs from TimmyHos. we drank coffee and munched away while we packed. and packed. and packed. we cleaned out our "junk dresser" (just have a few things on top left) and i also cleaned off almost 98% of the dresser in the bedroom. i also went through my clothes and have decided what i'm keeping and what i'm not. same goes with craft supplies and almost all our books. and magazines. and pretty much everything else. including furniture. i think we're going down with four small shelves and two bedside tables and one kitchen table. that's it! insane. and boxes of course. but there's not that many so far. we might fit it all in a uhaul. that would be impressive.

over the past week loki and i have been working on this baby quilt for eve. and we're done! yay! above is the photo of the patch i embroidered for it. the quilt was the first time we've both done it and it was frustrating often. i think the best was when loki called it a cuntbuncher (when the fabric was bunching). enjoy!

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