"part of me won't let me quit"

Good call, Apartment Therapy, good call. When Stewart works closes we both usually eat particularly shitty. Kraft dinner, frozen foods, bowls of popcorn, and slurpees. But, this week I've been trying to make it better. I'm not sure what's come over me? Probably ovulating or something.

Last Night: Leftover Eggplant Bharta, wild rice mix, peanut/cabbage salad, and tamarind sauce.
peanut slaw with leftover eggplant bharta, wild rice mix, and tamarind paste

Tonight: Leftover salad with a pizza or two. With goat cheese, chorizo, portabello, and homemade tomoato sauce (so easy!)
mini pizzas cooking

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Tamsin said...

Those pizzas look GOOOOOD!