it's over!

time's up on the list. i've accomplished (fully completed) 40 of them. 23 of them are in progress. i'm too tired for commentary now. pooped, actually. but i do feel like i've accomplished something, even if it is just seeing the list through to 1001 days. and i've accomplished 40 things i've set out to do in the last 2.65 years as well as started working on even more things. so, i guess that's good! and i feel like it's a success, so that does matter. not sure if i should remove the list from the left just yet: suggestions?


Eden Oliver said...

Awesome possum on the list achievements!

I'd suggest reviewing how well you've been able to meet the goals of your list, then crafting a NEW list with a new deadline that is altered to be more achievable than the last (as well as more pertinent to your life right now).

Or, you know, not.


KT said...

Hey Hey, Ho Ho,
Patriarchy has got to go!

I thought I would offer some solidarity, in case you felt oppressed by the list. I also just like to chant that.....all the time.