task #6: read 6 canadian fiction books

oh, how the tasks continue. since i made major headway with my thesis today/yesterday i just picked my 6 books! They may not be read in the following order, but i'll cross them off as i go. so if you want to follow this one, bookmark the post and keep track of it in your bloglines or something, i'll post little reviews, too!

1. never cry wolf by Farley Mowat
2. the diviners by Margaret Laurence
3. from stone orchard by timothy findley
4. the bewilderments of bernard willis by aaron peck
5. nikolski by nicolas dickner
6. turtle valley by gail anderson-dargatz shitty! the emotions and communications were boring and telling. you knew where the story would go though the twist at the end "got me" it made sense faster then it played out. romance was lame and protagonist was disappointing in her struggle.

and let me just close this by saying that i must thank the incredible vanoronto and KTkabOOom for hooking me up with books!


Anonymous said...

check out this article by anderson-dargatz about how fiction and non-fiction are colliding in the B.C. Interior.



Heather said...
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KT said...

I'm like a book dealer. "You want Canadian fiction, eh? I got some shit that will blow your mind, man."

The best part of Never Cry Wolf is making the mouse gravy. I used to dream about Farley Mowat a lot in elementary school. Nothing sexual, mostly adventures on small boats.