"and when you get home you can tie me to the murphy bed"

mmm bran muffins

for some reason today i didn't take any pictures and the one above is my last ditch effort to get a photo in for the day. and i wish i had documented today because today was so great! so awesome! so phenomenal! i woke up with seth at 7:30am and we slowly lingered up, i had coffee, and then we mosey'd to the farmer's market. and it was in full swing and it was only just after 9am! we got our hands on $20 worth of local veggies (including daikon and oak leaf lettuce and beets!) and a small snack from the wonderful japanese woman who makes the best baked goods (i'm addicted to the salted fig and walnut bun)!! then we woke stew up and went to nanaimo to hit up costco and fabricland (finally) where i picked up some heavy duty cotton fabric to make another sling for seth. i'll have left over fabric and will probably make a pillow or something. we'll see. it's pretty and pink! and reminds me of a east-coast boating extravaganza!! then we went to chapters where they were having a sweet sale and i got bridget jones 2 for stewart and another book for my aunt for xmas (we do a family xchange and i got her this year. just have to knit one thing and her xmas gift is DONE!!). stewart got two skate/surf magazines, one called JUICE that we've never seen (nuts) that is really rad.

well, my muffins are almost done so i should pull them out. i've been loving the bran muffins lately. tomorrow is sunday night supper club! i still haven't finished my book, i just extended the due date. and now i'm going to knit for a half an hour or so and then SLEEEEEEP. tomorrow is stewart's last day before he goes back to work so i must be rested for the shenanigans.

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