"hey girl in the strobing light, your mama never told ya"

YUM! breakfast!
putting up!

well, despite stewart being a write off today for being sick (he did just make the best tuna melt i've ever had in my life, though!), and seth having a mini melt-down that broke my heart when he got his vaccinations (3 needles!!), and the two of us still having breastfeeding frustrations (PATIENCE!), today was a good day! yay!

i LOVE being able to buy groceries. having money to buy food that fills our bellies with goodness is good. and also being able to buy local groceries (it's not more expensive, just better) fills my heart with goodness. for lunch we had eggs and bacon and potatoes from the alberni valley! which i bought at only locally owned shops/businesses. so good. i did venture to extra foods (blah) to buy some canning equipment and happened upon BC blueberries (100 mile diet!) that were 1.50$/lb (!!) and i froze them and put them in bags. way cheaper than buying frozen blueberries!! i'm going to get another 2 lbs tomorrow. i wish i had a bigger freezer.

this week is a crafty/diy week for sure and it makes me feel so good! i love making things, i can never forget how much i love making things! i seem to have my groove back a little and have so many different things to make. like canning jam (strawberry jam! peach/apricot jam!) and canning carrots (pickled carrots! yum!). i've also got a handful of sewing projects to finish up and eden's knitted bday present to finish before i see her.


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