"there is no need to say another word, we'll be golden and eternal just like that"

i'm at the point where i'm so tired i can't really remember my day week well enough to recap it, let alone my day. i blame my rapid-fire consumption of so much TV on DVD over the past 6 weeks. i mean, 5 seasons of house, 1 season of true blood, and about 20 minutes away from finishing the last season of gilmore girls. that's about a season a week (we're nearing the end of week 7 round here). and i have true blood season 2 here sitting on top of the tv, waiting to be watched and returned to the video store on thursday. a whole week and not many episodes. it can be done.

at this moment stewart is trolling the "port alberni" groups on FB and just said i should join the hot moms of port alberni group, "you'd be the 37th member!". and i just tried to find the group and couldn't. i ask myself this question often, but now it seems all the more serious: is my husband on crack?

it's growing season around here and i'm happy to report i harvested 2 cups of basil leaves and made a yummy vegan pesto (2 cups fresh basil, 1 cup walnuts, 1/2 head of garlic cloves in mini-food processor. process with oil until runs smooth but thick.) which we had with spaghetti, and local yellow beans and beet greens. YUM. i put soy sauce and cock/rooster sauce on mine. it inspired me to continue to have lovely people over for dinner so i think i will start to institute a bi-weekly sunday supper club. this week: carrot souffle! quinoa/cucumber salad! and pineapple cake! YUMMERS.

okay, off to finish this gilmore girls episode and knit! yay alone time!


Anonymous said...

A season a week? What does this do to your circadian rhythms?

Vanoronto (on location in Montreal)

Rhiannon said...

Hey hot mama, just wanted to say

1) At least you have an excuse for all your TV watching.

2) Have you ever tried putting nutritional yeast in your vegan pesto? It's delish.