"we'll both be sorry let's take it easy"


potatoes in hay!

avoiding his nap!

between 3pm and 6pm it was 35degrees outside! no wonder my little man refused to have his afternoon nap. that means that he really only had one 2.5 hour nap today. and slept in small chunks this afternoon. it was super annoying/frustrating as the afternoon wore on because seth just was so cranky and hot and wouldn't sleep when he normally would. it was a lot of work. we did his bath an hour early, though, and he passed out pretty much immediately. and he hasn't woken up. success.

in other news our garden is doing well. the potatoes are growing at such incredible speeds. i really look forward to all the potatoes we're supposed to reap. and more of my tomato plants are sticking it to the ground. well, stewart rented slammin' salmon and i'm gonna have a donut and knit. xo

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