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Happy Monday!

I'm so impressed with this teenager!

The article in the NY times is a good portrait of the self-imposed farmer life of a young woman. She wanted to grow food as a summer job and started a little buying club (CSA) and has turned part of her family's yard into an every producing garden. SO COOL. so fruitful. so wonderful! go youth! I look at her garden and I know she's feeding the neighbourhood but I wish I had a better garden. at least my tomatoes now have more than one flower! one year at a time me thinks!

in other news last week we received this letter from the federal government saying we weren't privy to a bunch of the sweet tax breaks canadians get for not having much income because last year stewart and i broke the 50K mark (just barely). so while i want to jump for joy at getting into the middle class (hahahaha) i totally wept because i thought it meant we weren't getting ANY of the sweet benefits! this year my income has gone from 34K down to 12K and we're getting by just fine, but the tri-monthly GST/carbon tax/HST credit would be nice. you know, to float us a bit. but i thought it meant we wouldn't get child tax credit. and lo and behold we do! YAY! so the first thing i did with our child tax credit was buy yarn! i haven't bought yarn since April (when i spent $20 on the patons to make my stripey cardigan) and then not since the holidays. the rest has already disappeared to groceries and gas to fill our tank for the month as well as face wash (i've been using bar soap for months) and some canning supplies so i can make jam. anyway, i got the yarn from KnittyDirtyGirl, who you should shop from right now.

seth is 9 weeks today which means that it's time to get his vaccination. we're going to hopefully do it tomorrow or wednesday. which means we'll need lots of sleep just in case things go awry and he's super sad. in the meantime we're going to watch hot tub time machine and eat really expensive ice cream. YAY! xo

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laura said...

yay! that kid is awesome! i wasted my youth i think.