"tonight...give me something i can use"

i got this yarn in a mill-ends bag from walmart, who knows what it could've been, but it has wool fibers in it!! so i dyed it with koolaid! wahoo!

rupert caught this mole (for us obviously) and hurt it's little arm. this is me and stewart banding together to save it.

tea party roses
i cut them from my mom's rose bush. she's going to transplant the bush to another part of the yard. love the colouring!

today was hands down super awesome. one of those days where it's not even over (movie and popcorn and crafting next!) and i just think, "fuck, my life is awesome". i just got off the phone with my sister and i so want to move to victoria. it would be so good.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, Victoria would be great for you and the fam!