"if you're real and not pretend i guess you can hang with me"

trying to nut up to go into the water
deep and delicious birthday cake

today was one of those days...things are just so fucking awesome!! i have felt a cold coming on so i slept every single nap with seth until the afternoon when i ran out to get aaron a belated birthday deep and delicious (and put and icing penis on it, that's the way it is!). the we all went for dinner at the clam bucket (it was a wash, nice interior, overcrowded menu, expensive entree but only So-So). and then swimming at fucking cameron lake. i didn't plan to go swimming but it was so nice and so warm i stripped down to my skivvies/tank and jumped in. it was glorious and refreshing. i feel anew. then the boyz came over for cake. and we had a laugh fest. today basically reaffirmed to me that life is awesome.

and to top it off? NEW ROBYN SINGLE!! egads! i'm listening it to repeat on my itunes. just getting it ingrained into my brain. so beautiful. she's so killer. it just gets better and better. i'm happy the wait was worth it <3

Robyn - Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.

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laura said...

i love robyn too. for so long.
it's almost august...when do we meet via the interweb?