"back in suburbia kids get high and make out on the train"

roses just ouside our door

blueberries from outside my door

one handed typing is my new specialty. i'm a pro qwerty typist so doing one hand is hard, so much of it is muscle memory for me that the one hand means i miss a lot of keystrokes that i'd normally get. today is one of those days where seth does not want to sleep because he needs to poo a lot. it's super annoying because i really want to knit, but he just wants to cry through his naps, eat a shit tonne off schedule so my boobs are all outta whack, and then giggle for hours instead of sleep. arg!

summer's in full swing and i should probably go outside and go for a walk. but it's still really hot out, despite the breeze. blah i feel boring right now. will go watch united states of tara season 1 and get in a few rows before seth realizes his bouncy chair is also boring. xo

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