"moats and boats and waterfalls"

yam, garlic, and mushroom pizza

j-mac and helvetica!

the past few days my bff jesse was down with her mum from terrace. we went to the beach, ate yummy food (last night we had tahini chicken skewers, tzatziki, and roasted veggies on the bbq), devoured almost a whole box of popsciles, knit, watched movies, and just caught up. it was just so good. good times.

today seth, stewart, and i spent our time getting back into our previous-to-visitors routine. which is a lot of doing nothing. seth and stewart napped/slept until after 12:30pm, i got to read more of my book (coop) that's due at the library tomorrow (i'll marathon read it tonight after we put seth down), and make a yummy pizza for dinner. i'm always surprised at how easy it is to make a pizza, and how you can just clean your fridge out of ingredients. i've been using the crust recipe from the original moosewood and using both a local red-wheat organic flour and reg ol' unbleached. i'm hankering to get into a routine that includes an early morning walk and tomorrow seth and i'll go to the farmer's market for the first time! xo

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