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Did you watch the Proenza Schouler live runway show? I didn't get to b/c i had errands to run and babies to pick up. But, I'm watching now and here's my favourite shots (from vogue's live photo wall thingy)!

i love the shiny aqua/teal velvet and the zigzags. i feel like this entire collection secretly inspired by MIA from her galang galang days.
so ARULAR and mish-mash guatemalan exports. i probably wont incorporate any of this into my wardrobe though
now, this i wont incorporate either, but i'm loving the resurgence of pattern on pattern.  finethankyou... called this one the other day when he emailed me that mishmash of cosby sweaters ahaha.
the statement necklace has been big for the past few years and i like this one. faux fur let's hope and CLAWS so tough and witchy and bitchy i love it.
Now, Marc by marc jacobs also showed up yesterday and I'm finally getting to look at the photos and i want so much of it and i die. i just die! i want one of everything and want to sew all my friends replicas. the shine! the tweed! the shoes! the ankle socks! the bags! the velvet jackets! YEEPS!

there was a nice predominance of "fall" colours in this collection. so 70s. that sweater, just great. with that big cable. gush.
camel hair sweater? derek, make this for yourself. Me? I want the laptop bag.
I like these higher waist hunting/woodland animal themed printed skirts. they look so silky and soft.
cropped jackets in marc. cropped sweaters. cropped cropped cropped. the waist has moved up.
velvet jackets. yes.
i want this dress, or something like it, like nobody's business. i think i'll have to make one, somehow.

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