when you're hiding underground, the rain can't get you wet

i'm not going to say i'm too cool to listen to arcade fire on repeat. i love it. their re-nomination for a slew of grammy awards reminds me that they never were an indie band, or an indie band that "got big". in these parts they were always big. i kind of think of them as the U2 of our generation. anthemic, hip, to the point, copy-cat pop rock tracks. hip hair, good outfits, montreal postal codes, you name it. anyway, just obsessed with the suburbs. but, we recently go the new decemberists which was great.
seth sporting my newest design! soon to be release! currently being test knit!
unearthing more of my grandma's clothes
the last ten days have been pretty crazy. in that we were all kind of sick, seth and stew the most, and i just fell really behind on work so have been playing catch up in every extra minute of every day since last week. it hasn't been fun. it's been kind of soul sucking actually.

on the weekend i got to go out for a little bit sans baby to hang out with some amazing girls and dudes at stewart's bday party and have a club soda and bombay. it was so refreshing to get out of the house! get away from my child! do something i haven't done (go to a bar/pub) since before i gave birth. going retail shopping on my own is also so gratifying without child; but i dont think i've done that many times.

i ordered the pink hairdye for my ramona flowers hair and it should be here in two to three weeks b/c the bleach has to be shipped via ground. i got two shades of pink: cotton candy and pink flamingo and will probably do a mix of the two..we'll see, very excited!

lately i've also been working on my knitted designs. the one i did that i've submitted to twist is wrapping up. there's a new mod that me and a small sampling of other test knitters are going to do, i just have to get it updated (soon!). and i've just sent out the pattern for the bandana seth's wearing to my test knitters. i've been chatting with laura about our fancy new project (which i'm going to work more on this weekend) and that i want my helvetica knits v.1 to be a publication of that. so i'll probably have a few free patterns and then have a few for purchase on ravelry and then do an e-book of all of them together for a discount rate. PRETTY EXCITING. helvetica knits v. 1 will probably launch in a few months, but the project l and i are working on will probably be live by the end of february! YAY!

stay tuned for WAY lots of squash recipes and themed posts!! i've got a bunch of them in-progress, can't wait to share! XO

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yarnsalad said...

This test knitter has been working at a new job all week and hasn't had time for knitting that requires thinking. I'm all over it this weekend.

I'm totally envious of your pink hair! I'm not sure it would fly for me at the hospital.