happy vagina day!

seth putting the finishing touches on his dad's valentine.
getting water ready for the impending boil water advisory

today was pretty much amazing. stewart went to vancouver yesterday to see cradle of filth and i'm almost at 36 hours alone with the babe (who had the worst sleep ever last night bleck) and am working really hard to not go crazy. so i pretty much took a third weekend day off and hung out with s. all day. we got out of the house and went for a visit and rented a movie (that we're probably going to watch right quick). i also found out my bff had her baby (a girl!!). and i've really enjoyed following all of this arcade fire winning the grammy fun! (and here). (cbc news story here). (youtube clip here of their performance). them winning has totally made me cry a few times over the past day. so exciting! go indie rock!


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