GIVEAWAY WINNER (and hair update)

Congrats atomiquelle!! You are the giveaway winner! Thank you to everyone that entered and the numbers are skewed because of a double comment but I renumbered them before I did the generator. Anyway, if you didn't win but would still like to get your hands on Feminism FOR REAL you can order one from the CCPA.

In other news I've started the process of dying my hair like Ramona Flowers. When I ordered the dye I did so under recommendation from Kaylah's posts at Dainty Squid (here and here) and ordered some manic panic in two colours, cotton candy and fuschia. I also ordered a beyond the zone bleach kit and I left it on for 45 minutes and it came out super yellow, but i liked it. I just spent the last 1/2 hour covering it with the cotton candy and getting it under a plastic bag and secured on my head. Now I'm going to sleep with it on and rinse it out the AM. I'll probably go pale pink/yellow for a few days/this whole week, and then go to the fuschia. If it turns out I got this job my start date would be the 17th of March? So, I'd have to dye it back to brown the Sunday night before (b/c it's a real adult job). If i dont get it, i might go light pink for as long as i can and then go fuschia. We'll see. The pictures below are of me pinning my hair up and looking 90s, the yellow, the pink on yellow, and my hair cover. Now, to SLEEP i go! I offered to host sustain-a-table again tomorrow night and am going to make a feast similar to one found at the foundation: lower east side, nachos, and sugar pie. XO
putting up the brown sections.
the yellow hair!
with the pink in
my hair under a bag

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yarnsalad said...

I totally dig the yellow. I had yellow hair once, in Korea, when I had a 'hair accident' trying to explain to the guy that I wanted highlights. He left me with mostly yellow hair and my natural colour were the streaks. In the month that followed, I was mistaken for a Russian prostitute (since women who are blonde are clearly such), propositioned too many times, and quickly went back to brown.

I *so* wish I could go pink like you. I don't know if my complexion could handle it but, more to the point, I work in a hospital now and could start doing some serious research soon so have to look all 'professional'. Sigh. Someday I'll have Lola hair (of Run Lola Run).