pumpkin pie tarts

february will be squash month over at the blog
!! Squash !! month is wrapping up and i have a handful of posts i haven't posted yet. way back at the beginning of the month i made these pumpkin tarts b/c i had made a 1 1/2 batch of the moosewood no-fault pumpkin pie recipe (i used rice milk instead of evaporated milk and baked it longer). because i only have one pie plate i folded squares of pastry i rolled out into a muffin tin and filled those right up. i much preferred the tarts over the pie (probably because by the time i got to the pie i was SO full and SO sick of pumpkin pie! haha) and ate the last bit of this tart with some marshmallow cream stewart had bought a few months back. it was so good.

can i also say that the plate in the pictures is a relic leftover from my life in japan? i bought it for 100y at a 100y shop back in 2004 and brought it the whole way home. i have a few of them, actually. i know i say this often, but i miss japan every single day.XO

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laura said...

oh hey, best squash.
slice your squash (i used butternut) and cover in oil, face down on baking pan. slice the top off a couple heads of garlic. pour oil/butter! on top and bake the works until soft. take the cloves out and mash up with the squash. i did this tonight and baked a meatloaf mound alongside. boiled/mashed potato (pour strained water over frozen soy beans to steam) with butter and sour cream/yoghurt and you've got yum! yum!