Sweater 2/5

Yes baby sweaters count. And this one was a doozy for some reason. I felt like it should've been quick considering how big my gauge was and how easy and garter-stitchy the pattern was, but it was honestly the death of me. i hated it most of the time. hated. it. and i ran out of yarn! so surprised! anyway, it's a cutie, the babe that is. in his winter jacket. good thing i knit it in time for winter to be 1/2 over. the pattern is SNUG by hinke and i couldn't find a non-ravelry link for it. sorry!

there's a whole tonne of mods i did which included holding two strands of what i think was patons classic wool (i got it in a mill ends bag) so i have NO IDEA how much yardage i used, but i know i used a lot. (maybe 4-5 skeins if you were to buy it). i ended up having to use the white bernat alpaca stuff just to finish. i also went up a few needle sizes and added two inches to the back length. which meant i added that to the front, except i only knit the front until the edges were about touching b/c i was seriously running out of yarn at that point. i also knit the arms in garter stitch back and forth rather than in the round (b/c i kind of hate purling). the crochet chain i did the whole way around the front and did 5 button loops. i love the big buttons. anyway, the rest of it i followed the pattern exactly.

now i'm onto sweater #3, my CULTS sweater, made from the common ground pattern from the brown stitch (and in bernat softee chunky in RED). man, i need access to a yarn store in this town.


yarnsalad said...

It looks great! Seth is a wonderful baby sweater model.

Anonymous said...

Cute sweater!