"the world is full of good intentions, paradise is hard to find"

i've been kind of in a funk for the past few days. i feel so tired, like the months of sleep deprivation have hit me and that the pulling of the left side of my neck is really starting to take its toll. i'm tense. and it sucks. i really feel like i need a few days to myself. the last few days have been busy and perhaps life changing ( i had a job interview today that while isn't with the provincial government would effectively cross that goal off ). and i'm just tired. i kind of want a shopping spree. or even to go to this  ........

today is probably my last day as a person with brown hair for a few days or weeks. i got my hairdye to go all ramona flowers but then got in the process of applying for this job and maybe having an interview to having an interview so i left it as au natural. and then i was going to dye it tonight and realized i didnt have gloves bleck.

i guess i'm feeling defeated. by what i'm not sure.  so i'm going to take a tylenol for this neck pain drink lots of water and go to bed. tomorrow will be a better day. XO

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babyblue said...

i know what you mean about the stiffness on the left side of your neck. i've had that constantly since the birth of my first...ugh...and it's back now that i'm carrying baby around all the time.

anyway, stay positive...you'll feel better in a few days. it's totally normal to have days of feeling defeated. take time to recharge and you'll be back to normal in no time.

can't believe that helvetica is a standing/moving kid now. so strange...