getting used to getting up early again

i was up late last night helping jeremy with his thesis and doing some work. i think i fell asleep around 12:30am, though i know i slept with my laptop open and my head on the keyboard a few times. seth's been having TERRIBLE overnight sleeps. and i just have no knowledge around what to do. most of the books i've seen or resources in general are centred around getting your baby to fall asleep OR are cry-it-out options which i dont think i'm down with. that crying baby hurts my heart. and then there's been earlier mornings. it just sucks.
pink hair step 2 complete
waking up to snow is always nice
i woke up this morning to nice fluffy snow on everything. i didn't even see it snow in action so that's always a nice surprise. today i'll probably stay inside most of the day, do work, drink coffeeeeeee, cuddle with my family. i'm going to make tortilla soup for dinner (never made it). and maybe i'll get my hair set up tonight to dye it fuschia. XO

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